Create the calm, happy family life you truly desire!

Do you want to be patient, loving and fun, but find yourself being frustrated, angry and shouting? If so, my skills are ideal for you! Designed for people who want to parent in a respectful way, yet still want to create loving boundaries - my work can be delivered as bitesize content or a longer-term 121 coaching relationship.

You can book a free 1:1 call to see what your main challenges are right now and what the best support is for you, or browse the options below.

Available Products

Conscious Parenting Mastermind

My exclusive mastermind space, designed to give you comprehensive practical, mindset and energetic support, consistently over time.

You’ll have access to:
– How To Talk So Kids Will Listen
– 4 Steps To Help Your Child Manage Their Big Emotions
– Parenting for Professionals
– Monthly group coaching calls
– Mindset audio series
– Wellbeing sessions
– Private mastermind group

Family Freedom 1:1 package

121 coaching for you (and any co-parents) over 12 months with a bespoke transformative process that allows Sarah to really tailor her support to your specific situation

You will go from “I don’t know what to do, it’s all too much” to “I’ve got this, and I love my kids!”(Even if it's been going on for years & you are exhausted)

Support for couples or individuals using conscious & gentle approaches to change your family dynamic, so you & your children can feel calm, loving & connected. 

4 Steps to help your child manage their BIG emotions

Reduce your child’s meltdowns in 4 easy steps – whether your child is feeling anxious, overwhelmed, having a “tantrum” or is frustrated at not getting their own way.
You will learn:
– How to stop adding fuel to the fire
– How to show them you care and understand
– 3 skills that will help them feel better when they are ready
– The 4 magic words

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Potty Training Trouble Bundle

If you are experiencing some difficulties potty training your child, this bundle is for you! Sarah collaborates with expert Rebecca Mottram to apply the How To Talk So Kids Will Listen skills to potty learning.
You will learn:
– What to do if your child keeps having accidents
– When you should start night training?
– How to resolve fear of the potty or toilet
– How to handle regressions
– What to do with control behaviours like only pooing in a nappy/pull-ups

How to talk so kids will listen Course

This How to talk so kids will listen course was inspired by the one designed by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish.
This 7 week programme takes you through 7 modules:
- Acknowledging feels
- Engaging cooperation
- Alternatives to punishment
- Encouraging Autonomy
- Descriptive Praise
- Freedom from Roles
- Recap and evaluation

Tantrums, Opposition & Bickering Bundle

3 Powerful workshops that will help make life with your children easier and more satisfying!
– Toddler tantrums
– Instead of No
– Beyond Bickering

Off To School With Ease

5 days of simple steps to take your children from “I don’t want to go to school” to “See you later!”
You will learn:
– how to reduce the battles
– how to reduce the tears
– how to reduce the anxiety

Tapping Into Calm

In this session you will learn the quick, simple emotional freedom technique called tapping. Tapping releases the stress, shame and guilt that often comes with parenting from your body.

Heart Centred Selling

A 12 week coaching process to empower you to learn to sell from a place aligned to your heart, transcending negative stories, remembering and anchoring into your truth. Covering:

- Mindset and energy
- Your offer
- Compatibility Call Structure
- Outreach and Practice

Can be delivered as 7 x 60 minute 121 sessions (or broken down into 30 minute sessions) or as asynchronous support - having a Sarah in your pocket trading voice or video messages.

Parenting for Professionals

A 90 day training programme for professionals who work with work with parents or children. Combining self led modules that you can do at your convenience, with a mixture of fortnightly practice or group coaching sessions and an interactive discussion group to support you in between.

By the end of the training you will:

- Have learned a toolkit of conscious parenting skills you can use at work and at home 
- Have applied the skills to real life situations, improving previous outcomes e.g.
Reducing tantrums and meltdowns
Improving cooperation
Increasing independence and resilience
Be able to confidently refer your clients to these resources

Tantrums to Calm

Do you have a toddler, tween, or teen dealing with overwhelming emotions like tantrums, meltdowns, or anxiety? 😫

You want to help, but things seem to escalate when you try? 😓

Join my Tantrums to Calm support series and let me guide you through a 4-step process that REALLY works! 🌟
You will learn:
– what may be escalating the situation
– how to replace this behaviour to help them with their big feelings

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