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Do you want to be patient, loving and fun, but find yourself being frustrated, angry and shouting? If so our online courses & 1:1 support are ideal for you!

These skills are for people who want to parent in a respectful way, yet still want to create loving  boundaries.

We'll take you from stressed out & not knowing what to do, to calm & confident- even if you have no time!

From 5 day courses to a 12 week 1:1 programme we can help you create the family life you truly desire!

See some of the results our parents get.

You can book a free 1:1 call to see what your main challenges are right now & what the best support is for you 

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4 Steps to help your child manage their BIG emotions

Reduce your child’s meltdowns in 4 easy steps - whether your child is feeling overwhelmed, having a “tantrum” or is frustrated at not getting their own way.

Even if they seem/feel out of control.
...You don’t know where to start

You will learn:

  • How to stop adding fuel to the fire
  • How to show them you care and understand
  • 3 skills that will help them feel better when they are ready
  • The 4 magic words

Family Freedom 1:1 package

This package is a bespoke transformational journey for you as the leader of your family. To help you be the loving, patient parent you want to be, & have a calm, happy family life.

You also get access to my 12 week Coaching programme Be a great mum & still Be You!

We've been taught that to be a good parent we have to sacrifice ourselves, but it’s not true!

We can decide who we want to be, we can decide how parenting can be, and we can be ourselves in relation to being a mum/dad at the same time. An element of the course will be about this inner work, alongside the outer work on developing parenting skills.

You will be able to digest the content in your own time. 

This package gives you your coaching sessions and access to my Be a great mum and Still Be You content. However you can work through it sequentially or dip into it as you need it. I will point you in the direction of useful tools for in between our sessions. I do recommend doing weeks 1 and 2 to ensure you have some great foundations.

This course content will run alongside your 1:1 or 2:1 sessions, so we can focus on the specifics of your family during our face to face time.

Want to know if it's a good fit for you book a clarity call

Here are some results others have had:

"Before Be a great mum and still Be You, I was in a place of desperation. I felt like a rubbish mum."

I wish I'd found you 4 years ago, that's how long I feel I've been battling."

"Don't hesitate, Sarah can do amazing things!"

An early years specialists experience

"I didn't want to pass on a legacy from the past generations to my kids, I wanted to change their narrative. I wanted to be a good mum. 

All these patterns that I saw in the generations before me were still there, and I so badly wanted to transform them, but I couldn't do it on my own."

Got questions?  book a clarity call

Workshop Bundle

3 Powerful workshops that will help make life with your children easier and more satisfying!

1. Toddler tantrums -

3 tips you can use right now to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

2 Foundational skills and 1 around cooperation-

2. Instead of No

learn my 5 alternatives to no and feel empowered to avoid unnecessarily stoking the fire
- learn 5 easy strategies that you can use time and again, that leave you feeling confident as they help reduce your child's fury.

I also share a simple language switch to help your children actually do what you ask them rather than the opposite!

3. Beyond Bickering-

  • How your child can begin to feel better about their Sibling
  • A way to stop being referee in arguments
  • A strategy for reducing fighting
  • The 6 Part process that can take you from where you are to a more harmonious sibling relationship

Get lifetime access now & use these skills over & over again!

Siblings Not Rivals

If you want a more harmonious, happier household, where your children get along.

To feel confident that you can support them to have a positive sibling relationship. 

Join my 8 week group coaching programme- Siblings Not Rival starting February 2022.

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