Conscious Parenting Mastermind

Have you 

- been struggling with your child not listening to you, having big emotions & not knowing how to deal with it?

- tried time outs, rewarding them, taking things away from them but it didn't sit well with you, AND it doesn’t work anyway!

- listened to the podcasts, trawled the internet & nothing has worked.

- Thought you should be able to sort this out with your experience but it's different with your own kids?

- been feeling unsupported and alone?

Millions of people have used these skills & they do work!

It's time to forget the gimmicks and invest in these tried and tested skills for those who want to parent in gentle ways but still have firm loving boundaries.

After delivering Adele & Elaine's course for 10 years I have created my own version inspired by them, sharing my own modern experiences and those of some of the families I have worked with.

My exclusive mastermind space, designed to give you comprehensive practical, mindset and energetic support, consistently over time.

You’ll have access to:
– How To Talk So Kids Will Listen
– 4 Steps To Help Your Child Manage Their Big Emotions
– Parenting for Professionals
– Monthly group coaching calls
– Mindset audio series
– Wellbeing sessions
– Private mastermind group

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32 Modules

4 Steps- Your goal

Click on the lesson to define what you want to get out of this support series.

You'll also find the workbook in the description below.

4 Steps- Caring connection

In today's session I introduce the skill that is the foundation of acknowledging feelings. This is how we build up a loving and caring connection, so the other person feels listened to and heard.

4 Steps- Finding the feeling

It’s day 2 and you’re still here, brilliant! 🎉

Yesterday you learnt about the foundation that has to happen before you move onto using any of the other skills.

One of the main ways we add fuel to the fire is we miss out this first vital step!🔥

If you haven’t done day 1, make sure you go back and do it!

Watch the video for Step 2 to stop adding fuel to the fire, and build that caring connection.

(It’s only 5mins long!)

4 Steps- Wonderful Wishes

Wonderful Wishes 🌟

It’s day 3 which brings a really fun skill, which helps us stop adding fuel to the fire and can move things on in a creative way.

4 Steps- 4 Magic Words

Four Magic Words

It’s day 4, congratulations on still being here. 🙌Many people won’t get this far, but you are one of those people who finish what they start, which provides a great model for your children! 💖

There are 4 words that work like magic to help our children feel better and move on when they are ready.

This is so simple yet effective! And I use it all the time. You’re going to love this bit!

4 Steps- Putting it all together

Today is our final day together 🙁

It's all about putting it all together & practice, practice, practice!

Fundamental Feelings - Your Love languages

This week continues on the theme of Love. Using the 5 ways that we experience love, work out what your preferred way is.

Ideally your partner can focus on topping up your love tank and you can focus on theirs. 

If you don't have a partner, focus on topping up your own love tank.

What feels nice?

How can you care for you this week with kind words, loving touch, asking for help etc ?

The beauty of understanding what you and your partner need to feel loved, is you can more easily meet that need, helping nurture those pleasurable feelings. When we feel filled up with love, it's easier to navigate the challenges of parenting.

Your tasks this week are:

  • Find out what your partners dominant love language is.
  • To top up their love tank, or yours if you don't have a partner with that dominant love language.
  • Share how you get on in the Facebook group.

Instead of No Workshop

5 alternatives to saying NO that help you keep the peace

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with saying no to your child and holding firm loving boundaries. However, most children hate being told no and it can add fuel to the fire of their anger.

In this workshop, you will:

- learn my 5 alternatives to no and feel empowered to avoid unnecessarily stoking the fire
- learn 5 easy strategies that you can use time and again, that leave you feeling confident as they help reduce your child's fury.

I also share a simple language switch to help your children actually do what you ask them rather than the opposite!

Get lifetime access now & use these skills over & over again!

Powerful Possibilities Audio Series

In this series we look at the mindset side of parenting, starting with your intentions & goals.

You will learn some fantastic processes for orientating yourself in what you want to create rather than focussing own what you don't. 

Go check out the introduction, where you will also find your workbook.

Powerful Possibilities- Goal setting Bob Proctor style

How to talk so kids will listen Course: Introduction

Check out the video for a description of how your course will go:

These skills will help you go from struggling with day to day battles to restoring calm and joy in your parenting. 

There is a weekly discussion and coaching session on Monday nights 8-9pm 26th September & finishing on November 7th to help you deepen your understanding and learning. 

Join the discussion group, details are in your email.

You will receive an email each week on a Thursday about that weeks module.

Here's your workbook

How to talk so kids will listen Course: Session 1 - Acknowledging feelings

How to talk so kids will listen Course: Bonus: What is your typical reaction when they don’t want to go?

In this module you'll get to know your default reaction so you can respond in a new way.

I shared this as part of the Off to school with ease support series. It breaks down the default reactions, so you can understand yourself better.

How to talk so kids will listen Course: Session 5 - New ways to praise

In this session you will learn how to praise your child in a way that encourages them to praise themselves.

It boosts self esteem & helps them to be more intrinsically motivated rather that seeking approval from outside of themselves. 

They build confidence in who they are & their capabilities.

How to talk so kids will listen Course: Session 6 - Freedom from Roles

How to talk so kids will listen Course: Session 7 - Recap and evaluation

Full and New Moon Circles

The full moon is a great time for releasing what isn't serving you & setting your intentions.

In these sessions we are doing the inner work on our mindset & energy.

Please bring a note book, pen & an open heart.

Can't wait to see you! 💗

Check the Facebook group banner for the upcoming dates.

You can catch the replays here.

Beyond Bickering

During this workshop we look at:

  • How your child can begin to feel better about their Sibling
  • A way to stop being referee in arguments
  • A strategy for reducing fighting
  • The 6 Part process that can take you from where you are to a more harmonious sibling relationship

Ask any questions and Share your progress in the facebook group

Modules for this product 32
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