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Just yesterday I was hearing from a business coach who struggles to deal with her children when they don't want to go to school. When it feels like a battle. On one hand, we want them to be free-thinking, to know their own mind... but it's not very convenient for them to refuse to go to school! Especially when there is pressure from school and the government around attendance.

In my new support series, Off To School With Ease, I'll walk you through 5 days of simple steps to take your children from "I don't want to go to school" to "See you later!" 

The course is designed to do in a few minutes a day, & you'll also have lifetime access to the skills to use over & over again and to apply to different situations where you need to:

reduce the battles
reduce the tears 
reduce the anxiety

If this sounds great book your place

Having a peaceful drop-off makes such a difference to your day! I can't wait to take you there.

Beth had been struggling with her drop off for a few months. Her son was anxious worrying before going to sleep at night. She not only had a big change in just a few days with him skipping in with ease, but her communication with friends started improving too. I love these unexpected bonuses!

8 Modules

Before we get started

Make sure you:
- Download and print your workbook - you will find it in the lesson file section below the introduction video.

Now, please reflect on what you want to get out of doing this course. You can write your goal in your workbook where prompted.

If you are not sure how to set a goal, think about:

  • What is your biggest challenge with getting up, out & dropping your child off to school/childcare?
  • What impact is that having on you, your family, or your work?


In this module you'll find:

A short video to let you know what we are covering in the this course & video to help you look at what your starting point is.

You will get the best results if you not only take in the information but take action too. 

I always recommend watching a video each day & using the skills through your day.

Your morning routine

Having a clear morning routines so everyone knows where they are, what is happening makes a massive difference! 

What is your typical reaction when they don’t want to go?

In this module you'll get to know your default reaction so you can respond in a new way.

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