Family Freedom 1:1 package

You will go from “I don’t know what to do, it’s all too much” to “I’ve got this, and I love my kids!”

(Even if it's been going on for years & you are exhausted)

Is this how you feel?

  • You try to be kind and nice, but outbursts happen so often you end up loosing your temper, shouting and then feeling guilty about it.
  • Everything feels like a battle, it’s exhausting, and feels so unfair when you try so hard to help and accommodate them.
  • You wish they would respond in more positive ways rather than lashing out all the time.
  • You just need them to entertain themselves, or happily get on with their school work, but they complain, refuse or constantly interrupt, especially when you have an online meeting. 
  • You’ve read books, seen how great and logical the advice is in them, but struggle to consistently actually do the things suggested.
  • You are struggling to keep calm yourself whilst managing your children's anger and frustration which can lead to physical outbursts.
  • You feel ashamed, because sometimes (not all the time!) you don’t even like them, let alone feel your love for them (it’s ok, nobody talks about this bit!)
  • You feel guilty and like a rubbish parent when you do things that are the opposite of the respectful approach you want to take

My programme will help with all of that & more!

Want to know if it's a good fit for you book a clarity call

"Don't hesitate, Sarah can do amazing things!"

"Before Be a great mum and still Be You, I was in a place of desperation. I felt like a rubbish mum."

I wish I'd found you 4 years ago, that's how long I feel I've been battling."

An early years specialists experience

"I didn't want to pass on a legacy from the past generations to my kids, I wanted to change their narrative. I wanted to be a good mum. 

All these patterns that I saw in the generations before me were still there, and I so badly wanted to transform them, but I couldn't do it on my own."

A couple at the end of their tether ...

This lovely couple were feeling desperate, alone, not knowing what to do to help their boy whose frustration was spilling into hitting himself. 

They have now reduced the outbursts and are confident that they have the tools to help their son. All in less than 12 weeks!

If you have been struggling with your child & want to parent in a respectful ways,  I can help you! 

From Anxiety to calm in less than 12 weeks

"My biggest challenges were the kids bickering and Riley's major meltdowns when he didn't get what he wanted when he wanted it.

I have a much calmer house now and I'm a lot calmer, i deal with situations a lot calmer now and my daughter deals with Rileys emotions better too. I have a better relationship with my kids, we talk about things more, my anxiety has calmed down as its a much happier house.

Give it a go, you'll be pleasantly surprised, its worth it for better quality of life and better mental health for all family members"

Got questions?  book a clarity call

16 Modules

Week 1 - Fundamental Feelings

To start you off you get to go through the ‘4 steps to help your child manage their Big emotions’ 5-day mini-course.

A great review of the foundation skills you'll keep coming back to.

Find a space on page one of your workbook & write down what your goal is for this 12 weeks!

Week 4 - Caring Cooperation

You will learn the typical ways people try to get there children to do all those things that need doing in a day  

And  6 new ways to engage cooperation that will leave you and your children feeling better about yourselves.

Don't worry we all do all of them at some point. Our aim is to reduce the amount we use these old methods & increase the amount we use the new ones.

We aim for one third of the time, but even 10% can make a huge difference!

What we want to be doing is replacing them with the new skills you'll learn in video 2.

Your tasks this week are:

  • Write down your default strategy for getting cooperation when stressed.
  • Decide which of the skills you can replace it with, start there.
  • Try out the other engaging cooperation skills.
  • Share how you get on in the facebook group

If you have more than one child start with the one who is currently the most challenging.

Enjoy exploring the skills over the next few days, share how it’s going in the Facebook group.

Review and Celebration

Powerful Possibilities Audi Series

Tapping into Calm Session

You will learn what EFT is.

How to use it for yourself & your children.

Modules for this product 16
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