4 Steps to help your child manage their BIG emotions

4 Steps to help your child manage their BIG emotions

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You know they're gunna blow, you can feel it, but you're not sure what to do!

You're dreading it happening, again!

You feel like no matter what you do, it doesn't help.

It's exhausting, you end up sitting in the loo weeping or in your car because that's the only place you can go to be on your own in a lockdown!

During the mini-course, '4 Steps to help your child manage their BIG emotions, you will go from:
"They're gunna blow, again... I don't know what to do!" to "I've got this!",
whether your child is overwhelmed or frustrated that they're not getting their own way.

I bring together a unique blend of parenting skills & personal development to get my clients massive results.

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Before you get started - what’s your goal

Caring connection

In todays session I introduce the skill that is the foundation of acknowledging feelings. This is how we build up a loving and caring connection, so the other person feels listened to and heard.

Finding the feeling

It’s day 2 and you’re still here, brilliant! 🎉

Yesterday you learnt about the foundation that has to happen before you move onto using any of the other skills.

One of the main ways we add fuel to the fire is we miss out this first vital step!🔥

If you haven’t done day 1, make sure you go back and do it!

Watch the video for Step 2 to stop adding fuel to the fire, and build that caring connection.

(It’s only 5mins long!)

Wonderful Wishes

Wonderful Wishes 🌟

It’s day 3 which brings a really fun skill, which helps us stop adding fuel to the fire and can move things on in a creative way.

4 Magic Words

Four Magic Words

It’s day 4, congratulations on still being here. 🙌Many people won’t get this far, but you are one of those people who finish what they start, which provides a great model for your children! 💖

There are 4 words that work like magic to help our children feel better and move on when they are ready.

This is so simple yet effective! And I use it all the time. You’re going to love this bit!

Putting it all together

Today is our final day together 🙁

It's all about putting it all together & practice, practice, practice!

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