How to talk so kids will listen Course

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Check out the video for a description of how your course will go:

These skills will help you go from struggling with day to day battles to restoring calm and joy in your parenting. 

There is a weekly discussion and coaching session on Monday nights 8-9pm 26th September & finishing on November 7th to help you deepen your understanding and learning. 

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You will receive an email each week on a Thursday about that weeks module.

Here's your workbook

Bonus: What is your typical reaction when they don’t want to go?

In this module you'll get to know your default reaction so you can respond in a new way.

I shared this as part of the Off to school with ease support series. It breaks down the default reactions, so you can understand yourself better.

Session 5 - New ways to praise

In this session you will learn how to praise your child in a way that encourages them to praise themselves.

It boosts self esteem & helps them to be more intrinsically motivated rather that seeking approval from outside of themselves. 

They build confidence in who they are & their capabilities.

Modules for this product 9
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