How to talk so kids will listen Course

How to talk so kids will listen Course

This How to talk so kids will listen course is inspired by the one designed by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish.

After delivering their course for 10 years I have created my own version inspired by them, sharing my own modern experiences and those of some of the families I have worked with. 

It takes you through 7 modules -

  • Acknowledging feels
  • Engaging cooperation
  • Alternatives to punishment
  • Encouraging Autonomy
  • Descriptive Praise
  • Freedom from Roles
  • Recap and evaluation

These skills will help you go from struggling with day to day battles to restoring calm and joy in your parenting.

Check out the testimonials for the results others have had:

Katie shares her experience of Sarah Parkes course, how it’s helped her with her children and in her role as a teacher.

Karen went from being worried and anxious and exhausted and got so much more time and freedom with her parenting. She shares what she got out of the course. Reading a book & putting it into practice is so different!

There is a weekly discussion and coaching session to help you deepen your understanding and learning. These will be available to everyone who has booked the course.

If you love How to talks so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk books, you will love this course!

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8 Modules


Session 1 - Acknowledging feelings

Session 2 - Engaging Cooperation

Session 3 - Alternatives to punishment

Session 4 - Encouraging Autonomy

Session 5 - New ways to praise

In this session you will learn how to praise your child in a way that encourages them to praise themselves.

It boosts self esteem & helps them to be more intrinsically motivated rather that seeking approval from outside of themselves. 

They build confidence in who they are & their capabilities.

Session 6 - Freedom from Roles

Session 7 - Recap and evaluation

Modules for this product 8

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