Siblings Not Rivals

Siblings Not Rivals

Are your children bickering and fighting? 

Are you fed up of them constantly getting at each other over every little thing?

If you want a more harmonious, happier household, where your children get along.

Join my 8 week group coaching programme- Siblings Not Rivals

If you are: 

☑️ Struggling to meet the needs of children with different personalities

☑️ Embarrassed to hear them arguing in the background when you’re on a call. 

☑️ Worried that these squabbles will carry on into adulthood

☑️ Feeling annoyed, Shouting, then feeling guilty for loosing your temper

This group coaching programme is ideal for you.

Here's are some of the problems parents have shared with me, & some feedback from clients who did my sibling programme:

This mum changed her approach with the help of my group coaching programme & her daughter started copying her. What an amazing legacy she has created for her family ... where her Childrens relationship is even closer!

She wouldn’t have believed she could make so much progress in just 8 weeks!

If you want results like these join the group coaching programme now.

3 Modules


Fundamental Feelings Framework

Fundamental Feeling Framework- A collection of skills & exercises to help your child feel secure in their place in the family. To help you, help them with:

Feeling loved 

Feeling Seen

Feeling understood 

Sibling Skills System

Modules for this product 3
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